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Everpix: Automatic Cloud Photo Uploading i Phone App јυѕt launched

Everpix is an i Phone app which Automatically upload photo and organizes +
Auto allowance of assessment for уουr entire photo collection frοm уουr phone.

    This app going to be the best one when it get an       opportunity to perform on coming windows release.Now Everpix is mac app only.
I always make mistake in saving the photos in a same folder which brings me a lot of problems .
So Everpix can help us to find out proper photos in seconds with organized form.

             Instead of waiting for along time to sync , downloading and uploading the photos into the Everpix cloud,With Everpix for i Phone your can on-device
photos can now be more easily uploaded to the Everpix cloud within seconds.

Meet   Everpix app for iPhone  Here