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New website launched to cure tech problem: Special interview



Interview with Hariprasad

On which Platform it is made?

How this Blog will help people?
We provide up to date technological news,mobile reviews,windows 8 & windows 7 utilities and simple guide to fix the mobile problems.

Why people should Visit your website?
To learn and apply technology to their life.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am Hariprasad BK.I’m a computer enthusiast working part of my day in blogging and social networking.And more than that i’m a engineering student at manglore [vcet puttur]

I & Vivek kumar are the founders of

Vivek kumar is a part time technical adviser in manglore.

Why You Started this website?
Through this website we aim to give quality content to users in an up to date order.
This will decrease the gap between our users and what’s on technology now.

Your Future plans about this blog?
To elobrate the technolgy for common people life throgh simple tips and tricks

Your Website Link?

Your Contact Details


For More visit: indianbloggercommunity

Microsoft New Launch: Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery

Today Microsoft has released Windows Essentials 2012 which includes new versions of Movie Maker and Photo Gallery for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29, 2012 Latest news

Long time wait for releasing of Windows 8 is coming to an end with releasing of  Windows 8 beta version on feb.29 ,which will allow all of us to get a more details about Windows Os and also permit us to submit our suggestions with Windows 8 is designers.

windows 8

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Dropbox offers an additional 5GB with its original 2GB on cloud storage to all new beta software users.


Drop boxDropbox now comes with a new offer of “5GB additional storage space “with 2GB in build cloud storage space.In total Dropbox provides a attractive offer of 7GB storage space hand hold with cloud storage space concept.

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XWidget : Realistic Book Widget With MultiPage

Convert Virus Converted USB Flash Drive Icon[External Hard Drive] Into Folder Icon

Get Windows 8 Start Screen in Windows 7 [How to]

A new Ramnit worm hаѕ stolen 45,000 login credentials frοm Facebook BBC Top news,

Xbox Live games for 2012 leaked from Microsoft

Xbox Live games for 2012  (Simple post from pigotechguru)
1. Bullet Asylum
2. geoDefense Swarm
3. Tamagotchi
4. Age of Zombies

these bunch of games are already known about but their new title gives extra care from user’s view
more from wpcentral

Source: Microsoft;

Upcoming Windows 8 Reset Refresh Feature

Microsoft : Upcoming Windows 8 released one of  the main and special features of  Windows 8 – PC refresh and reset which is done by same way other devices like smartphones can be reset without the assessment of external disc or third parties. It will be available on the control panel, the pre-boot recovery environment and via a bootable USB

What is PC refresh and reset??.

Reset is one of main feature of  Windows 8 through which will remove all personal data, settings and application and Re-install a fresh copy of Window on our PC .The reset times of user’s pc is just under 24 minutes .

 Refresh will simply Re-install windows with keepig all apps data and important setting.Broadband,connections,Wireless settings, mobile  BitLocker and personalization settings will remain same during a refresh

You can get more info about Windows 8 Beta and Refresh and Reset PC features from the official Building Windows 8 Blog

Microsoft now going introducing a new option for securely erase the hard disk without time laps. The multiple passes to erase the hard disk usually takes hours or days which can kill the precious time of user

Microsoft also going introducing the new feature of making user’s own custom refresh image using a new command-line tool

 which bring you to know the time required for install apps or add and remove Windows features..
More details are going to release in official site
You can get more info about Windows 8 Beta and Refresh and Reset PC features from the official from
Windows 8   building blog