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New website launched to cure tech problem: Special interview



Interview with Hariprasad

On which Platform it is made?

How this Blog will help people?
We provide up to date technological news,mobile reviews,windows 8 & windows 7 utilities and simple guide to fix the mobile problems.

Why people should Visit your website?
To learn and apply technology to their life.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am Hariprasad BK.I’m a computer enthusiast working part of my day in blogging and social networking.And more than that i’m a engineering student at manglore [vcet puttur]

I & Vivek kumar are the founders of

Vivek kumar is a part time technical adviser in manglore.

Why You Started this website?
Through this website we aim to give quality content to users in an up to date order.
This will decrease the gap between our users and what’s on technology now.

Your Future plans about this blog?
To elobrate the technolgy for common people life throgh simple tips and tricks

Your Website Link?

Your Contact Details


For More visit: indianbloggercommunity

Google plans to launch home entertainment System

We always look at what a common person wants.

That’s why “Pigotechguru” today comes with a entertainment  system which is brought you by the Google group.

Google Home Entertainment System

Google is now making Making a “Home Entertainment System” , which complete with Streaming Music and Smart phone Remote Control.etc

Using this system you can streams music without wires throughout the home up to a unreachable distance by any other control signal devices.

Google going to market this product under the company’s own brand according to the Wall Street Journal.

With this fully integrated potential home-entertainment system you can enjoy enormous amount of media files and can control using a desktop, set top, tablet and smartphone.etc

Google Company allowed other companies to build and brand the hardware that uses it.

Do you think this Google product will move very fast in market??..

Reply me  [Pigotechguru] with your  valuable comments…

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