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New website launched to cure tech problem: Special interview



Interview with Hariprasad

On which Platform it is made?

How this Blog will help people?
We provide up to date technological news,mobile reviews,windows 8 & windows 7 utilities and simple guide to fix the mobile problems.

Why people should Visit your website?
To learn and apply technology to their life.

A Brief Introduction about yourself?
I am Hariprasad BK.I’m a computer enthusiast working part of my day in blogging and social networking.And more than that i’m a engineering student at manglore [vcet puttur]

I & Vivek kumar are the founders of

Vivek kumar is a part time technical adviser in manglore.

Why You Started this website?
Through this website we aim to give quality content to users in an up to date order.
This will decrease the gap between our users and what’s on technology now.

Your Future plans about this blog?
To elobrate the technolgy for common people life throgh simple tips and tricks

Your Website Link?

Your Contact Details


For More visit: indianbloggercommunity

Bullet Time Light Painting Video

You may have amazed while seen plenty of examples of The Matrix-style bullet-time videos, which can provide a unique photographic view of the passing of time.

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Charge your mobile phone, camera or GPS devices without electricity

Pigotechguru have proud to introduce a new Eco-friendly battery charger which is perfectly charge all type of mobile,camera and GPS devices battery using one table spoon of water.

Same as you i also amazed with this smart system….
Stockholm’s myFC and SiGNa Chemistry come together giving birth to this new techno magic .Now onwards forget about instantaneous charging of you poor battery smart phones .PowerTrekk – portable chemical charger take care of that.Not only your outdoor mobile phones  your cameras, and GPS devices can also be charge using this equipment.

It works due to the reaction of sodium silicide with water forms hydrogen gas.
And also this pocket sized portable charger works with any kind of water and USB port is used to charge batteries.

This charger works with the hydrogen fuel cells principle can produce 1500 mAh .
You can charge your device with power from the Internal Battery only after recharging of Internal cell within seconds.

PowerTrekk introducing this 2 in 1 solution for a fuel cell and a portable battery pack in Europe for Rs 12,970 approx and US for Rs 9,870 approx .
Check more information about from  powertrekk

Turn Your iPhone to Pro-Grade Camera With iPro Lens System

 iPro Lens

Schneider Optics going to brought us a brand new iPro Lens System which is specially prepared for iPro Lens System.
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