Samsung Smart TV Price and Features Indian Market Base

Samsung Smart TV is a new innovation on television sets which will totally change your perspective and the way you watch TV .

Refreshed the inventory of Smart TV models available in India to include its flagship LED-backlit, and plasma screens with direct internet specialty.
LED-backlit ES8000 and ES7500, and the E8000 are the new adding up to Samsung Smart TV in this year. ‘Evolution Kit’

Samsung Smart TV in India that allows users to search TV shows, search movies, chat with friends and internet browsing. With this special apps like direct access to Netflix, Blockbusters, YouTube and Hulu Plus and also can get social updates from Twitter or facebook.
The Samsung Smart TV comes with a build in web browser with which you can surf the internet. Apart from getting visually entertained you can even read news on the TV.
Through Samsung Smart TV users can locate and watch shows .and also can organize the TV shows as per the taste of user. Here, video recommendation engine that suggest the latest videos.
Some Smart TV come with wi-fi build in and for some you will need to buy the wireless adapter called link stick which is sold separately is used to connect TV with internet.

Price list of Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV 8 Series

Rs. 4,00,000- 60D8000 LED TV
Rs. 2,49,990- 55D8000 LED TV

Samsung Smart TV 7 Series

                                                  Rs. 1, 59,990- 46D7000 LED TV Price
Samsung Smart TV 6 Series

Rs. 2,00,000- 55D6600 LED TV
Rs. 1,39,990- 46D6600 LED TV
Rs. 1,10,000- 46D6000 LED TV
Rs. 99,900- 40D6600 LED TV
Rs. 83,990- 40D6000 LED TV
Rs. 57,900- 32D6000 LED TV

Samsung Smart TV 5 Series

Rs. 93,900- 46D5500 LED TV
Rs. 68,900- 40D5500 LED TV


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