Google’s plans to launch a one gigabit per second residential broadband network after 2 year of testing

Many of we are struggling with low speed of network getting in our residential areas.

Now Google comes with a new solution for your entire  problems on network speed…
Google  planning to launch an brand new Gigabit per second broadband network after 2 years of continuous testing by taking Kansas City as base of experiments.

Google announced this new accessibility specification of  broadband residency network with a article written in the name of ” Kansas City is Fiber-Ready! “.
As per the article Google build a fiber which can transfer data 100 times faster than most of Americans  network speed.
This Google fiber contains  many thin glass fibers, each about the width of a human hair was stretched across the Kansas which brings us this super new invention.
Google fibre is certainly going to provide as a path to come closer with many new technological newses in terms of ” Pigotechguru “.
We will look forward to get this Google fibre gigabit per second residential broadband network to our cities…



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