Dropbox offers an additional 5GB with its original 2GB on cloud storage to all new beta software users.


Drop boxDropbox now comes with a new offer of “5GB additional storage space “with 2GB in build cloud storage space.In total Dropbox provides a attractive offer of 7GB storage space hand hold with cloud storage space concept.

Through this you can upload photos and videos to their storage account .
Under this plan users can enjoy an extra 500MB space for every 500MB of uploaded content like photos and videos.

With pigotechguru‘s personal observation ‘s Skydrive  is still offering 25GB of cloud storage. But the limit applied on this service is made it apealing for many.

Except some condition ,5GB of additional space is free


  • 500MB of free space on first photo import
  • Cleanup UI in Windows non admin installation.
  • Fix infinite restart of Dropbox when database was corrupted.
  • Fix import error on i Phone with lots and lots of photos.
  • Better Handling of out of quota issues on first photo import.
  • Other small fixes

Important notes from the Dropbox team:

  • Client should updated with 1.3.5
  • Photo import feature is not applicable for Mac 10.4 and Linux.
  • “Connect as Disk Drive” is preferred for Android devices.
  • Unlock your phone and Enter your pass code before importing.
  • Enable Autoplay to use this feature if you have disabled it in Windows phone phone.
  • In XP and Vista, Dropbox relies on the Windows Image Acquisition Service.So you have to start this service and reinstall Dropbox to use this feature.

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