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Stay Connected BlackBerry PlayBook Facebook App Updated to Version

RIM today released version of the Face book app for the BlackBerry PlayBook without the mentioning of what’s there in this version.
“Pigotechguru” predicts that this Face book app may be compatible for Playbook OS 2.0

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WordPress Access Free App For BlackBerry PlayBook Available At AppWorld

Hai.. Word Press bloggers,
Today “Pigotechguru” comes with a Playbook app especially for Word Press blogger who have Black Berry Playbook in your hand. Now you can access your blog when you’re at out of station.

WordPress v/s Playbook

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PDFZilla: All in one PDF converter absolutely for free

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RocketDock New Skin Pack Provides Windows 8 Charms Bar For Windows 7

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta), which is just a week away from the public release Pigotechguru introducing a new Charms Bar for latest version of Windows same as how to get this beautiful Charms Bar Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.



Windows 8 comes with Charms bar feature which can be re applied for Windows 7 using RocketDock application, which enable transparent charms bar on your any windows OS.

Steps to Get Transparent Charms bar to Windows 7 with a RocketDock Skin:

  • Download and install RocketDock on your Computer.
  • Download Charms Bar skin RAR file from here. Extract the skin file, place Charm bar Transparent folder in the skins folder of Rocket Dock.
  • Change the default Icons folder present in Skins folder to Icons folder that you have just obtained by unzipping
  • Now run RocketDock and get ready to enjoy Windows 8 Charms Bar in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.


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SolarKindle case combined sun ray charger battery and 50 hours reading lamp


The SolarKindle is a newly produced a solar powered case for AmozoneKindle.
Now you can read your Kindle for months without the disturbatiobn of charging.

SolarKindle is a combination case offers recharging system and LED light for the Kindle reader.This new accessory comes with integrated 1,500 mAh battery pack and 50 hours of reading lamp which gives more market for this SolarKindle case.
It can charge itself from it’s two side panels by collecting sun rays and charge the battery when your not using it or on your using time itself.


The battery in the cover can be charged using the solar panel, as well as USB –
So you don’t have the fear of rainy season.

The SolarKindle Lighted cover will be available yesterday onwards for $79.99 at the company’s website and various retailers.

Google plans to launch home entertainment System

We always look at what a common person wants.

That’s why “Pigotechguru” today comes with a entertainment  system which is brought you by the Google group.

Google Home Entertainment System

Google is now making Making a “Home Entertainment System” , which complete with Streaming Music and Smart phone Remote Control.etc

Using this system you can streams music without wires throughout the home up to a unreachable distance by any other control signal devices.

Google going to market this product under the company’s own brand according to the Wall Street Journal.

With this fully integrated potential home-entertainment system you can enjoy enormous amount of media files and can control using a desktop, set top, tablet and smartphone.etc

Google Company allowed other companies to build and brand the hardware that uses it.

Do you think this Google product will move very fast in market??..

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See what’s infront of you on your android phone while walk

You may heard about the Android app used to text while you walking.

But ,
Have you heard about “Transparent Screen” on your walk??

Today we are going to share a beautiful app which is greatly acceptable for me in my morning walk.

This app turns your phone’s display transparent and allows you see what’s in front of you.Also this application provides a new transparency adjustable button which helps you to reduce risk of accident in your long or short walk

This app allow you to use any faces of your android OS applications, while you’re in a headache of walking without looking forward to you path.

That is after turning onn this “Transparent Screen” app you can see your entire path what’s in front of you in stretched 180 Degree angle manner.

This free app is available for download now on the Android Market and is with  pro version (no ads for $1).

Get overall description from Android market


Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29, 2012 Latest news

Long time wait for releasing of Windows 8 is coming to an end with releasing of  Windows 8 beta version on feb.29 ,which will allow all of us to get a more details about Windows Os and also permit us to submit our suggestions with Windows 8 is designers.

windows 8

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Google’s plans to launch a one gigabit per second residential broadband network after 2 year of testing

Dropbox offers an additional 5GB with its original 2GB on cloud storage to all new beta software users.


Drop boxDropbox now comes with a new offer of “5GB additional storage space “with 2GB in build cloud storage space.In total Dropbox provides a attractive offer of 7GB storage space hand hold with cloud storage space concept.

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