Wikipedia Apps for Android , Wikipedia Release

A few days back ,the Android users are come to an end of awaiting of Wikipedia apps for Android. wiki is all in one solution for our all problems.So that “Pigotechguru”  always take a look at wiki for every problems.Due to absence of wiki apps in android many times we used other apps to check out Wikipedia.
But now Android Market came with an apps build for Wikipedia article search only.

This apps comes with auto-save specialty which brings the article to you in seconds and also there is no need to take up your
browser apps for every search engine.instead it work same as the “web page” does.


  • Live search suggestions
  • Supports all Wikipedia languages
  • Full screen mode
  • Add bookmarks + home screen shortcuts to articles
  • Jump to a random article
  • Quick Search Box integration & a search widget
  • Copy text from articles
  • Non-obtrusive advertising
  • Language swap button

[via: Talk Android]


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