ffDiaporama: Create A Video From Photos and video Clips

We always recollect our past memories using our photos and videos.
we all bussy people always can’t forward every pictures in any picture viewer like windows picture and fax viewer,windows bitmap image .etc
Here is a solution for this, ffDiaporama brougt you by Videoporama.

ffDiaporama is an multi-platform apps for assembling photos and videos and transform them into videos play it back and shared with loved ones
It can read all image formats,the most commonly used music formats and most camera and camcorder video formats.
Features of ffDiaporama cannot be described with words…
Now i will try to bring you some of the main features of ffDiaporama.Thy  are Refocusing of image cutting of videos

  • Creation of animation by Ken Burns Effect
  • Correction of the images
  • production of videos for every current formats [avi, mpg, mp4, mkv]
  • 4:3, 16:9 or 2.35:1 image geometry
  • Titles (text) / annotations
  •  Image and video correction
  • HD Format
  • Configurable transition time

After your editing of photos and videos go to Render Video tab and type the formate of creatingf video as per the system your using.

After filling this Render Video tab click “ok”

Then Render Video tab shows the progress of creation of the video as below.

Now you created a good quality video using your loving photos and recorded videos.

share and enjoy recollect past memories in a stretch

ffDiaporama is available for Linux,Ubuntu, Fedora,Windows, openSUZE, ArchLinux operating system with English, Spanish, French and Italian translations.







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