Now Listen To Music With Your Friends On Facebook [ How to ]

Faccebook the world of amazement going to log a new feature“Listen With Friends”which will Going to give us social experience of listening to music online .

Its pretty simple to work with Listen With Friends,
Do you and your friend have Rdio or Spotify account?????

Then you are here to listen what your friend listening.This new feature of face book shows you the song and album name title including music notes on chat bar when you while simply scrolling over their name .
Up to 50 friends can listen to the same song and chat about it instantaneously.
As per privacy criteria friend with whom you have shared your listening activity can only saw when you listening something with your nearest friends.


You the users of face book can also able to remove songs which are are already listened as per your time lines
This new music-sharing service will brings more users into face book with its advanced care.

apps setting…



Readers,Do you think “listen with” button will influence your music-listening habits?


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