A new Ramnit worm hаѕ stolen 45,000 login credentials frοm Facebook BBC Top news,

security experts h??? warned to be change the password of user for the safe usage of social network
From 2010 onwards this notebook Ramnit  worm continuously spreaded which comes to an end of loss of
45,000 users log in credentials

As per worm firm  researchers, previously cyber criminals used Ramnit  worm[multi component malware ] for stoling banking details
and now attackers used stolen pieces to log in in to face book accounts and to give many
malicious links  users friends and by malware’s spread in faster rate
Largely details are stolen from UK and France.
According to worm firm  researchers, from 2011 onward till now totally 800,000
machines w?r? infected with Ramnit worm

by MMPC  Mal ware is described as Ramnit worm which infects Windows
executable as well as HTML files.and through that steals  FTP credentials
and browser cookies from the stored processor

Users of social networking site are advised not to click on any unknown links especially face book.


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