Innovating HDMI Dongle puts Android On Your TV

Want the android on your big screen TV?
Now its possible with the new HDMI Dongle introduced by Always Innovating group which brings Android to your old school flat screen TV and forms full Android computer with a HDMI Dongle Streaming Stick.
HDMI Dongle works with a TI Cortex-A9 OMAP 4 processor which we have to connect with the TV through HDMI port which can decode videos to Full HD and H.264.

The specifications HDMI dongle are Cortex-A9,microSD, 256 MB to 1 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth[built-in], an accelerometer,and NFC module.

HDMI Dongle supports streaming Net,video-οn-demand services,huge screen browsing,multimedia playback[games.etc].

nine buttoned remote control the interface like voice recognition ,input text.etc comes with HDMI Dongle..

Unfortunately,Touch Book hybrid tablet have some troubles while using HDMI Dongle.So that Innovating has decided to give licensing the design to others to work over the problems.

It will start at $79, but an actual release date not announced.

check out the couple of  videos always  Innovating brigs you after a break right now


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